Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Trooper

Apparently, I've underestimated my dog.

For the nearly three years we've had Tiffy, we've always lived in the same apartment. Sure, there have been trips during which she's stayed in hotels or other homes, but those were in different neighborhoods.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of Tiffy after moving to a new residence in the same neighborhood, though I figured there would be some awkward moments in which she would try to take me to the old building during walks.

Hasn't happened. In fact, after being out for 20 minutes or so, she starts dragging me to the hotel as if this has been our routine the whole time.

In our old place, as soon as we got into the hallway, she knew where to go to get to our door. She isn't quite there yet here, but as we approach our door, she picks up the scent.

Obviously this place is much smaller than our apartment, but I think she might actually prefer the hotel. All of our windows were too high from the ground and had too much crap around them for her to be able to look out. Our hotel's windows stretch to the floor, and she loves to sit my the window and look out.

I can't help but wonder if she realizes she is looking down on the neighborhood. Does she recognize anything? How far can she see? When one of us leave, she runs to the window to look for us. Any chance she can actually find us?

Leading into the move, I was worried how she'd react to everything. And while she knew something was amiss, she has adapted with apparent ease. She is more resilient than I gave her credit. Perhaps she'll thrive in Mexico, too.

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