Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mi Casa es muy Awesome!

The Internet is up courtesy of the good people at TelMex (and the very rich Carlos Slim, a catchy name) and a little up from Natalie's sponsor. I assume this goes for all posts, but the posts assigns a sponsor to help with the moving in process and another to help with the moving out process.

See, I'm already getting distracted with side stories. So much to relay, but for now, let's focus on the house.

Apparently, Hermosillo post housing is suppose to be some of the nicer housing for diplomats. No complaints here. We arrived to find three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms (sort of), a kitchen, dining room, living room, greeting room (foyer?), garage, laundry room, reading room, walk-in closet, garden room and what we believe to be a live-in maid quarters. Until this past Thursday, we always lived in one-bedroom apartments together.

Before we really get into the tour, first it is time to discredit some fool's knowledge.

There are no carpets in diplomat homes in Mexico, so buy rugs unless you want to walk around on tile floors all day.

False. We were pleasantly surprised to find a lot of carpet in our home including in the foyer, dining room (above), master bedroom, the reading room and Natalie's walk-in closet. The only downside of so much carpet is that it might be difficult to find space for the huge rug we bought before moving out.

Bathtubs don't exist in Mexico.

False. The bathroom attached to the master bedroom has a bathtub/shower.

There is little to no grass in Hermosillo.

Partially false. There definitely is very little grass around here, but we managed to score a backyard that does have grass. At one time, more of the diplomatic housing around here had grass, but after years and years of diplomats failing to take care of their yards and not hiring someone to do it, the landlords started to pave over the yards.

In addition to grass, we love that our backyard has a palm tree, a pink-flowered bush that attracts humming birds, and a built-in, out-door grill. We bought some tiki torches as well.

One of the challenges about living in a new home - especially a home you know you have to give back in two years - is making it yours.

One thing we did was take the bed out of one of the two guest bedrooms and turn it into a study. And now we have one guest bedroom with two twin beds in it.

We also converted the maid's quarters into a room for Tiffy's stuff. Even if we needed a live-in maid, I couldn't imagine asking him/her to live there. There are no air conditioning vents making the room very warm, and the attached bathroom has a toilet and shower but no sink (the sort-of whole bathroom). Granted there are plenty of sinks around the house, but the one person who should have clean hands would be the live-in maid.

We still have a lot to do to make this house our home, but that will have to wait until our ground/surface/sea shipment (EF'M no longer recognizes the term HHE) arrives. For example, the television room is used more for now to house our empty boxes, the kitchen, while huge, doesn't have any of my gadgets in it, we have no pictures, and we just haven't lived here long enough to make this feel like our home as opposed to guests.


  1. love all the house info and photos- thanks! Glad you are getting settled and are happy w your home. The patio looks terrific as does everything else! The 'home' feeling will surely come w time.

  2. Looks like a great place! Excellent news about the grill.

  3. Oh, and you have the standard issue, huge, 'easy to break by everyone especially your toddler' cream-colored ceramic lamps! It's just not an FS home without them.

  4. I'm sure Tiffy will appreciate the grass. Awesome there's a bathtub. It all looks great. I'm hoping to get some photos of our house posted soon, but we still have boxes everywhere (and still are waiting for more to arrive).

  5. Holy cow y'all hit the jackpot!! Things aren't that nice here in Monterrey...unless you have a BIG family. Enjoy your patio and hummingbirds. We have 4 that come by daily and 2 of them make this awesome clicking noise. I'm told it's a rare mexican hummingbird. :)