Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recalibrating Normal

The past week, well, the past few months, have been all sorts of different.

It seems as though we always are coming or going, or going and coming, hosting guests or parties, or being guests somewhere or the guests of honor at a party. Non-stop since Natalie passed her Spanish test.

I found myself doing some dishes in the midst of the pandemonium , warn out, and thinking to myself, "I can't wait until things finally settle down some and return to normal."

As soon as that thought crossed my mind, it quickly was replaced with the thought that my old sense of normal is probably obsolete. I need to recalibrate my sense of normal.

Between now and June 30, when the movers come, we will be busy preparing for the pack out as well as tying up a few loose ends.

After June 30, life definitely won't be normal because all of our things will be gone, and we'll be living out of suitcases in a hotel within view of our old apartment, which will be empty save for a few cleaning and painting supplies.

Then there is the six-day drive to Mexico.

And then a new life awaits south of the border in a land in which I won't be able to talk to the vast majority of the people and the temperature will be flirting with 120 degrees F. And that will be as close to my old version of normal as I will come for the next two years, so in order to avoid depression and the fear of the unknown, I'll be needing to rethink normal.

At least I am conscious of all of these changes. Poor Tiffy is about to go through all of these changes without any concept of what the hell is going on.


  1. Good luck with everything. I don't think "normal life" will really return until you're about 6 months in, after you have your stuff and you get settled. (Even though we have all our stuff now--after 2 months--I still few a ways away from "settled.") And then it wont really be "normal"; it will be "Mexico-normal." At least that's how I'm viewing life. For us, there's Portland-normal, Virginia-normal, and now Manila-normal.

  2. On FSparents group the other day someone posted a poem about the "in between times" which is where we both are. I am remembering why this is such a stressful and yet exciting time. I think I will steal that poem and post it on my blog tonight. Enjoy the chaos before settling down to the new normal. Make sure to give poor Tiffy some extra loving.