Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FSO: Finished Spanish Orals

Excuse me while I boast a little.

Today, Natalie passed her Spanish exam completing a sweep of her foreign service tests. Ever since the first test during this process of getting into the foreign service all the way through to this final exam, she passed everything on her first try. In a related story, Jesus was struck down by lightning.

(Just kidding. About the stories being related, that is. Jesus really was struck down by lightning. And Natalie really did pass all of her tests on her first try. Just saying.)

A little while ago, I wondered aloud as to what the difference was between a 2+ and 3 in the Frustrated Scales, Inc. (FSI). Well, while I'm not sure what the difference is in assessing a 2+ compared to a 3, but I can tell you the difference in results - about four more weeks of Spanish.

During this whole process, I've met a lot of very intelligent people in the foreign service, and some trying to get in. And there are not very many who can lay claim to passing all of their tests on their first try.

I couldn't be happier for or more proud of her while she has made the foreign service testing her bitch.

So what did this all mean? Well, we have an official countdown now. We are leaving Crystal City on July 9, and on July 15, exactly one month from today, Natalie will have her first office job in about 10 months.

Now, I guess it is time I start learning Spanish, too. At least I know someone who meets the government standards as a proficient Spanish speaker.


  1. Loved the bit about N making foreign service testing her bitch - awesome!

  2. Congratulations, Natalie!!

    I, also, LOVED the Spanish-language-bitch part. I will SO be stealing that. Someday.

    Oh, and David? Looks like you're gonna hafta work just a *teensy* bit harder on the whole "becoming Catholic" thing. Just saying.


    (Kidding! Kidding! I'm kidding because of the whole struck-down-Jesus-statute thing! Don't hate me!)

  3. I75 just won't be the same without him.

  4. Congrats!! I know that's a relief. Ummm, or maybe four more weeks in DC would have been welcome? At least to Tiffy?

  5. Congrats to Natalie! That's wonderful (and impressive)!

  6. congrats to Natalie! Wow you guys are almost out of here!

  7. I'll join in on the congratualtions to Natalie and tell you how funny it was to see your link to the "touchdown Jesus". I'm originally from the Cleveland area, but we've lived in Southern Ohio and Kentucky, and over the years we have passed that statue MANY times. I wish I could have been there to see it burn :)

  8. David, congrats to Natalie! Had fun at cp Grill the other night.