Monday, June 28, 2010

Pack-out Diaries, Chapter 2

Dear Pack-out Diary,

There is a common expression about the calm before the storm. Not in this house. It has been the storm before the storm before the calm before the storm. Or something like that...if it made any sense.

We spent the end of last week shopping at Target, PetSmart and TJ Max for some last minute items before the mover/packers come on Wednesday.

We also started sorting in preparation of the movers. Natalie created an ingenious scheme for labeling what items are going in Unpredictably Arriving Baggage (UAB), Hauling Hindered Extra (HHE) and storage by using different colored post-its. Though apparently it wasn't quite fail safe.

Speaking of Tiffy, we also took her to the vet one last time to get her rabies updated and to get some paperwork complete to bring her across the border. To make sure we have all of our t's dotted and i's crossed (umm...whatever), we are going to mail away for an FDA document to get signed. We should be in good shape without it, but the consequences would be too dire to come up short on paperwork. The vet told us about someone who had to have their dog shipped back to the vet, which they had to pay for, then pay to have the dog kenneled at the vet while the paperwork got done, and then pay to fly the dog to the new locale.

Tiffy also has an appointment to get one more haircut before we leave. We want it cut short, but not too short that she will be susceptible to sunburn. I hope the groomer knows what she's doing.

To maximize our car space, we invested in a hard-top roof-top cargo box. It locks into place by screws on the bottom of the inside of the box, so first we brought the box into our apartment to see how much we could fit into it. Then we took all of that stuff out to lock the box on top of the car rack. And then we loaded everything back in. The whole process was very tiring, especially for Natalie.

Getting near the end of getting our affairs in order, I cut my brother's plant down to size to take it over to some sort of retirement home in the neighborhood. They were appreciative of the donation, and I was equally glad - if not more so - to find a home for the plant as opposed to having to throw it out.

Only two more days until the real chaos begins, and then we get the week of respite before the long drive. It can't happen soon enough.


  1. If something happens to the paperwork, I will gladly take care of Tiffy until it gets sorted out!!!!

  2. Yeah, I tried the post-it note thing for the first packout for about half a day and then gave up and went with piles. I recommend piles.

  3. We had rooms and piles and signs. It all depends on your movers. I hope you have good ones.
    I have to say worrying about what can fit in your car after the movers come can be one of the most time consuming parts. What if it doesn't all fit? Very smart to do a test run.
    Good luck.

  4. Post its fall off. Go with piles, or organizing stuff by room so that all the UAB is in one room and all the storage is another room. And what ever you do get the stuff you are going to keep with you out of the house BEFORE the movers show. Someone here had their suitcases and welcome kit packed. We packed out suitcases and locked them in a bathroom and kept the key in my pocket.