Monday, March 22, 2010

Blogging about Blogging

I realize most of you don't care about college basketball, the Naranjeros or the comparing and contrasting of Mount Vernon and Monticello.

I knew this when I wrote those pieces, and the general lack of comments left behind after them confirmed this.

Yet, I'll continue to post occasionally about college basketball, particularly after the University of Kentucky Wildcats win the championship in a couple of weeks, my experiences watching the Naranjeros when that day comes and whatever tourist destinations inspire me to write.

Sorry, but it is going to happen. Part of my rationalizing for this kind of decision making is that I'm selfish. To borrow from our good friends at The Perlman Update, "I write because it's cheaper than therapy."

The other reason I selfishly write about topics I know you don't care about is that if this blog gets boring to me, then I won't post as often, or at all. Also, blogging will feel more like a job, which will result in some poorly written postings that I'm throwing together for the sake of writing something.

I came to this realization after several incidents where Natalie would suggest something that happened would make for a good blog posting. Maybe it would; maybe it wouldn't. But I didn't find those events to either be interesting enough to me, or within the scope of what I try to blog about, chiefly what it is like to be married to a foreign service officer.

One of my favorite sports columnists, Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons of ESPN, oftentimes will write about the NBA. If I read any of these columns, which I usually don't, I skim through them quickly. Other Sports Guy readers complain he writes too much about the NBA, and I was inclined to agree. I'd much rather read his thoughts on baseball, football or popular culture.

It wasn't until turning down Natalie's blog-topic suggestions so many times that I gained a little appreciation for what Simmons must deal with on a daily basis from a larger audience. Sure, it might be a good idea, but I'm going to write about what I want to write about because if the topic isn't interesting to me, then how can I write it in a way that is interesting to anyone else?

So keep writing about the NBA, Bill Simmons. I likely will continue to ignore those columns, but if writing those columns means you will continue to write fascinating, well-thought and entertaining columns about topics I do want to read, then by all means.

And so I ask you to be patient with me on some of my interests, so that when I do finally get around to writing about something that is of consequence to the larger Expat Friends of Mine (EFM) community, it will be a better piece.


  1. just spent the waning hours of my work day reading your blog. very entertaining and super informative. we are headed to DC for the May 10 class, at which time I intend to try the small home business thing...
    thanks for the laughs.

  2. So funny - I have been thinking something similar (not about your blog, but about mine). I do write about food after all and have somewhat nebulous criteria for what I write (I have to start with food, but can end up anywhere). So, I wonder, at some point, aren't people going to stop caring what I have to say - it's just food. And then, I think, "Didn't I start doing this originally for me?" Anyway, it's easy to get sucked into whether or not people are reading what you write, because, of course, it's nice to know people read your stuff. Glad to know other bloggers think about this too. And, btw, I skimmed the basketball stuff, BUT I love your blog and will always check it out, even if I skim here and there : ) Thanks, as always, for posting.