Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Recount

I usually try to keep my entries within the scope of what life is like as a foreign spouse. After all, if this were just the life of David L., then no one would stop by to read.

But I'm going to break that guideline today just to rehash a bit of the weekend, so feel free to move along and come by tomorrow if this isn't a good way to kill 10 minutes of a Monday. No offense taken.

When I left you all last, I was going to the Kentucky Derby, and Natalie was preparing to walk 39.3 miles for the Avon Walk. We both survived.

Though Natalie was a little more battered than I was. Here, she and her sister, Mindy, recoup after the first day of the walk on these foot-massagers.

They finished on Sunday and it was a great tribute to their mother.

While she was doing this, I was taking in my first Kentucky Derby experience.

Oops. That is actually also from Natalie's walk. The closest I got to seeing a horse was this:

The guy wearing red in the center of the picture is a jockey on a horse. I don't think this is one of the racers, but it could have been. But I didn't go to the race hoping to see horses. I've seen horses. I've been to horse races before. This was about experiencing the atmosphere of one great bit of Americana and probably the most important weekend in my home state.

For the record, I didn't win anything, but I have only myself to blame as I broke two rules about gambling.

The first is to go with your gut feeling. The day before I left, my friend already in Louisville asked me to print out a list of the horses, odds and gate. I went to do this, but my printer ran out of ink, and I was very busy, so I just glanced and made a few mental notes. When I met up with him in Louisville, I told him what happened and added that one of the horses with better odds was posted in Gate 4, which traditionally has been a very good starting gate for Derby runners.

Did I use this little bit of info when I wagered? Nope. Instead, I bet on horse number 5, Line of David (had to go with my name, after all). Instead, horse 4, Super Saver, won the Derby. My friend wagered $2 on Super Saver to finish first or second, and walked away with $17.50 on that bet.

While at Churchill Downs, I bought a giant pretzel for a vendor, and said I throw in a tip if they gave me their advise on the race. The woman said she really didn't have any thoughts about the horses. But when I pushed a second time, she asked for the program, looked at the listings, and pointed at horse number 2, Ice Box. I thanked her, gave her the tip and went to go wager on Line of David and made my second mistake. My second horse (I only get on two of them) was to follow the advise of an ESPN analyst who liked horse number 15, Mission Impazible.

Instead, Ice Box finished in second. My error - asking for someone's advice with no intention of reallying listening. Otherwise, I could have come home with a little money in my pocket. In our group of 10, only the small $2 wager won any money, so it wasn't like I was the big loser of our group. In fact, one guy bet on 10 different horses (I believe 20 raced), and he lost on all of them.

It was a great expierence, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to partake in the event. I'll wrap things up with a few images from the trip.


  1. Too cute! I love reading your blog here and there, and I think it's commendable that your wife and her sister are doing this walk in memory of their mother!

    Anyway, I can't find the post, but I think you wrote one about all the acronyms in the Foreign Service that made me laugh. I would have commented on it but I can't find it. I think you made fun of how POTUS = President of the United States, and I LOL'ed when I read it.

    I just read a CNN Article that has the first lady tweeting in acronyms, and she referred to the pres as POTUS and herself as FLOTUS Here is the tweet from Mrs. Obama: 'from flotus: here at dinner this is officially my first Tweet. i am looking forward to some good laughs from the potus and jay'

    I laughed, and thought of your blog.

    here is a link to the article:

  2. Thanks for stopping by. It is funny you mentioned FLOTUS, because it was just about a week ago there was a story on the local news about her, which made my jaw drop a little. Acronyms...arghh. Here is a link to the latest list of acronyms I've mocked: