Monday, May 10, 2010

EFM: Enjoying Frigid Mornings

This morning in Crystal City as I took Tiffy on her excretion expedition, it was about May!

And this on the heels of a weekend that was in the 60s with 100mph winds, give or take 80mph.

Natalie is pissed off. She wants summer to get here. But I'm loving it.

Sure, it is a little cold out this morning, but I'm enjoying it while I can. As our friends over at Simmons Says pointed out last week, it already has cleared 100 in Monterrey. And according to this picture from wikitravel, which was taken at 10 p.m. in May, I can expect that, or worse, in Hermosillo. Ugh.

I can deal with living in an isolated city such as Hermosillo. I can deal with living in a land in which a minority of the population speak English. I can deal with the whole job issue. But I don't do heat very well.

So of course Hermosillo is in the Sonoran Desert.

Constrastingly, Natalie loves heat; she can't get enough of it. For example, and this is a true story, a few years ago we were visiting her cousins, who are loyal EF'M readers by the way, in the Dallas area in August. (Actually, more of the Bryan Station area, but I figure most know where Dallas is).

It was a cozy 80 degrees there...inside the house. And after spending five minutes outside, that 80-degree-air-conditioned home felt chilly.

So we went to a water park one afternoon, and the heat index was something to the tune of 115F. And Natalie had goosebumps! How is that even physically possible? Goosebumps in 115F? Granted, we were about two stories up to go down a water slide and our bodies were wet, but still.

Yeah, Natalie is excited for the Hermosillo heat. Me, not so much, so Mother Nature, feel free to hold off on summer in D.C. for a few more weeks, or longer.


  1. While I do enjoy the heat, I LOVE a brisk morning. Of course, I say that after not experiencing them for several years...

    We're looking at several different places to live, and the one that stands out to me the most is a beachfront duplex ... where all winter long I'll enjoy overcast mornings - and the opportunities to wear long sleeve shirts and turtlenecks. I can't tell you how appealing it sounds to me - especially as I've lived in 100 degree heat for almost 2 years.

  2. I lived in Dallas for over six years and by the end, I was ready to move on. I didn't want to suffer through the hot summers anymore. Costa Rica is very temperate - so I'm liking that, but we're thinking of being posted in India and Africa one day. Oh well.

  3. Bryan-College Station area, and we were a lot closer to Houston than Dallas. Talk about hot we were there for 8 years and now we are back to four seasons and more reasonable temperatures which I am actually enjoying. I think Hermosillo might be even hotter than what we were used to but you'll survive David-my advice is to go swimming a lot!

  4. Well, there goes my Texas cred. Actually, I was just testing to see if you were reading...yeah, that's it. At least, that is the story I'm sticking with. But the rest of the story, other than a few minor location errors, is true.

  5. I have to say I enjoy the heat as well, but being almost 9 months pregnant right now, I'm loving this cold snap in DC!!