Friday, September 3, 2010

Still Unpacking, and I'm Old(er)

First let me say that it was not lost on me that when I gave the first update on unpacking our stuff, I posted an Amazon ad for a book on leading a minimalist lifestyle. I'm curious how it ends. When you are done reading this book, throw it away; you don't need things, remember.

The unpacking process is a bear of a task. But by the second day, I had achieved a couple of small victories such as finishing the kitchen (about one-third of our stuff goes in the kitchen) and all of my clothes.

I decided that this was a good time to get rid of clothing that is in tatters, out of fashion (Natalie might say they were never in fashion) or just never worn. I did a little of this pre-pack-out, but you don't really appreciate how much garbage you own until it is paraded through your front door by a bunch of Mexicans.

This is one of the youngest shirts to get tossed out; I'd estimate it to be circa October 2005. It was part of a Halloween costume in which I donned a Bill Clinton mask (Natalie was Hillary; in no way did we have any idea that she would be working for Hillary for the State Department five years later.) By the way, now that Hillary is the chief diplomat, does that mean Bill is the chief EFM? Anyway, I was never really that picky. I think Tiffy might be a closet Republican, and she sleeps with us all of the time.

Moving right along, you might think this T-shirt is from 2003, but it is actually from the class of 2003, which means this one is circa the Summer of 1999. This was my first "free" college T, which was courtesy of a bookstore for spending way too much money on books. I later learned that I could buy the book, copy the chapters we would cover, and return the book for full value. The copies only cost maybe $10 to $20 as opposed to the $150 or whatever for a new textbook (which I also still have somewhere, speaking of collecting garbage.)
Reaching still further into history is this high school football state championship T-shirt, circa December 1996. I'm proud to say that not only was I a member of that team (I kept the bench very warm), but that 14 years later, the shirt still fits. This wasn't the oldest high school football T to get tossed out this time around either, but they were all pretty close to each other. These shirts had a little sentimental value, but not to the new minimalist version of me that can do with out.

I can't confirm it, but I'm fairly certain this was the oldest shirt I could dig up. The front of it says Kentucky Wildcats Basketball 1995 (or is that 1945?), so I would estimate it to be a birthday or Christmas gift from 1995; the only times I really got new clothes other than right before starting a new school year. That would make this sweatshirt 15 years old (still fits), and in a somewhat unrelated note, I turned 30 today. I'm no mathematician, but by my estimations, I have been wearing this shirt for half of my life.
In all, I filled a box with about two dozen shirts, many of which were at least 10 years old. I guess I'll see what the local flea shops will take, but many are probably too tattered even for a Mexican flea shop. But at least I lightened the load for future moves.


  1. Well done on getting rid of stuff, and finishing the kitchen. That is definitely a huge accomplishment. As is making it to 30. Happy birthday.

  2. Well, Happy Birthday!

    Loved the bit about Bill Clinton being an EFM and also about Tiffy being a closet Republican, haha!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Glad I got to celebrate your 30th with you before you left. BTW- i was told by one of my mexican co-workers today that in the mexican culture they NEVER celebrate a birthday early because you are jinxing yourself by assuming you will make it to your birthday, when in fact you could potentially die beforehand. Kind of erie I know. BTW- i have to admit, i'm a little sad that you threw out your old HHS football shirts. Those are my fav.

  4. Happy Birthday David! Way to celebrate in style by finally letting go of some oldies but goodies. Hope it's a great day.

  5. It might go against the plan of cutting back on stuff... but my mom turned a bunch of my childhood t-shirts into a really cool quilt, and I'm taking my college t-shirts and making another one. It's a nice memento that's also useful!

  6. The pre-pack-out and post-pack-in purges have become my favorite part of the moving process.