Sunday, April 25, 2010

UAB: Unsure about Alcohol Bottles

Really, we’re not alcoholics despite what these pictures might indicate.

I thought Sunday was as good of day as any other to talk about when the problems we are looking forward to fixing. At least a little.

We have many bottles of liquor. Many of them have been opened, and the lids have been lost to time. Having spent a little time bartending one summer, in college I acquired a collection of liquors for mixing drinks. I discarded many of the lids in favor of pouring spouts, which I’ve continued to do over the years.

I could be wrong, because I haven’t done all of my research, but I’m guessing there are probably rules against the government shipping opened (and unopened?) liquor bottles in our Unincluded: Alcohol Bottles (UAB) and/or Hauling Hindered Extralong (HHE).

But with only a couple of months until we leave, it looks as though we are going to be having a few cocktail parties to empty these bottles.

Starting at the top left, that is an image of the top of our refrigerator. To the right is the barboy, a wedding gift that pours the perfectly measured shot. On the bottom left and right are our ever ebbing and flowing collection of wine and beer.


  1. Since you are driving to Mexico, just pack it in the car with you. They aren't allowed to search your car at the border, so no worries!

  2. We've had no problem putting unopened alcohol in the HHE. Of all that we brought with us to Burundi, only one case of beer went missing.

  3. We don't drink, but I'm pretty sure you're allowed to send unopened bottles. I also know it's not uncommon overseas to have a going-away party to use up the opened stuff. You could do that here as well. You're going to take the barboy with you, I assume, so maybe you'll want to have a party before packout. (It could also be the time to give away all the random stuff you don't want to pack/move.)

  4. It sort of depends on the movers. Some let you pack booze and some don't. Some don't allow it, but you can sneak it in in a pile of blankets. We drank or gave all of ours away, but I know others who sneaked some in.

    They actually did search our car at the border, and do every time we cross. But really, they're just looking for drugs. Bringing alcohol is legal, from what I understand.