Thursday, January 28, 2010

Congratulations 148th A-100

Last night, the 148th A-100 class hosted its fundraiser at Ghana Cafe, and it exceeded all expectations.

Though the numbers are at this point are extremely rough, early estimates were that the event brought in a few thousand dollars, which will be spread evenly between two charities - Doctors without Borders and the Foreign Service National (FSN) Emergency Relief Fund.

(Note: For whatever reason, the FSN fund is even more behind the times than I am when it comes to technology, and it does not have a Web site <gasp!>. So here is is snippet from the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide's facebook page: The Foreign Service National (FSN) Emergency Relief Fund enables the Department of State to respond to crises affecting our FSN employees overseas. To donate to the fund, send a check to the Department’s Gift Fund Coordinator, Donna Bordley, RM/CFO, Rm. 7427, 2201 C Street NW, Washington DC 20520. Make checks payable to the U.S. Department of State, designation for the FSN Emergency Relief Fund.)

Congratulations are especially in order because of how quickly this event came together. Planning began (to the best of my knowledge) as recently as late last week, and in that time, the 148th also managed to get the word out through some of the big players in the Washington media including The Washington Post and the local NBC affiliate.

A thank you also needs to be given to Ghana Cafe, which has agreed to donate 20% of its alcohol sales from the evening to 148th's efforts.

It was a great event that packed the building to near capacity for most of the night. Good job once again, 148th.

This from the 148th A-100 organizers: "I wanted to thank all of you for the tremendous effort that many of you put in to making the Aide Ayiti fundraiser an enormous success. Thanks to all of your efforts, we raised $3667.00 last night for two very worthy causes. We also had around 300 people come through the door, and we increased the profits for, and supported a local small business."

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